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Bath Cricket Club is proud of its status as one of the UK’s leading recreational clubs. 

Our name and identity are important assets that have recognition both locally and nationally. 

These guidelines are designed to help us present our identity and our image in a consistent way in all communication materials that we produce. 

If you have any queries contact Bath CC. 

New branding guide

Bath CC Letterhead

Bath CC Powerpoint template

Bath CC badge founded white.eps

Bath CC badge founded.eps

Bath CC badge white.eps

Bath CC badge.eps

Bath CC landscape white.eps

Bath CC landscape.eps

Bath CC badge founded white.png

Bath CC badge founded.png

Bath CC badge white.png

Bath CC badge.png

Bath CC landscape white.png

Bath CC landscape.png or



Please note that .eps files should be used for all printing and will download but your computer may not recognise the file but the printers will.


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