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Cricket Meeting synopsis for meetings Jan and Feb 2016


Committee: Gregg Brown, Rob Maggs, Jonathan Green, Sam Shrubsole, Alex Muse, Nick Groome and Simon Gwilliam


Senior Cricket


·      Captains are in place for the summer but have had some changes since last meeting, Mike Roe has stood down as 3rd XI captain and will remain as VC and Ted Roe has agreed to take over as captain.

·      League fixtures are all in and RM reported that we will be playing cricket in a new Sunday league 

·      Winter training so far has consisted of fast, spin-bowling clinics for both male and female players this is still going well.

·      Winter training for all has started and there has been some good sessions so far with good attendance, with ladies training once a month with partnership with Somerset CCC

·      Greg Hay from New Zealand has signed as overseas player and in the process of looking at accommodation. Lizelle Lee will be the Woman’s overseas and will stay with the Shrubsole family.

·      Stu Kingwell to help coach senior training in the summer mainly 3rd and 4th team.

·      Player/coach evening to be early April, which will include the painting of the white wall, Food and drinks. Date to be confirmed


Youth Cricket


·      Sophie Luff and Fran Wilson have been a great addition to the coaching team

·      Coaches for this year-include 4 level 3 coaches and there pay has increased to match other payment structures. This has brought more coaches into the fold including Stu Kingwell

·      Coaches meeting will be run prior to the summer with TB and JG running coach Education courses

·      JG to look at a ‘coach to parent’ meeting in April with SS help for child welfare.

·      The relationship between parents and coaches to be work in progress with a major push to improve in this area. SG to continue to keep an eye on this.

·      It was said by GB that all coaches should look to improve their work and professionalism. JG will always be at NP during training nights to help keep an eye on the sessions and to make sure they are up to standard.




·      Catering company to look after hospitality

·      New showers `North Parade and Brownsword to be installed

·      Sound system in place at NP and sounds amazing and at Brownsword

·      10% membership discount being investigated

·      Work on the patio started and will be finished by the start of the season and players balcony.

·      New coffee machine installed that can make Latte and Cappuccino’s, all staff are now trained in making these.


Social Events


The big organised event of the summer will be on the 9th July and will be called the Hoe Down being run by Simon Gwilliam.

·      There is a blue grass band booked along with Simon Gwilliams band

·      There will be food and drink

·      Dancers

·      Marquee on the outfield with surprises inside.

·      £25 per ticket and will be advertised once the bands have all been signed.

·      Youth parents will all be invited, along with Members of Lansdown CC, Bear Flat CC, Bath Hospitals CC and Bath Rugby club  (SG to continue his excellent work with this)

·      It is hoped that the event will attract large numbers


Ground Update


·      The sycamore tree by the old pavilion has been removed due to disease

·      Artificial net nearest to the ground to be looked at as the level has dropped

·      There has been some damage on the outfield due to rugby parking but this is superficial and JM will be re-turfing

·      Pot holes in front of Brownsword ground have been refilled

·      Pavilion at Brownsword is to be painted inside and out in the spring

·      New loft insulation in place

·      Outside toilet is to be renovated at Brownsword




Mission statement of the Cricket committee


‘To provide a top quality cricket environment that encourages success and supports participation, whilst acting as a hub for cricket development within the local community.’’


GB will look at getting this against some core values that supports this and to get advertised



More info will be out soon but if you have any queries regarding anything from these meetings please contact Director of cricket Gregg Brown on 07702507743.







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