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Parade in Print Five Cricketers of the Year

Where did it all start?

The idea that Bath CC should replicate Wisden by nominating 5 Cricketers of the Year every season first came from one of Alun Jenkins' legendary pitchside discussions. His idea was considered and debated and eventually combined with a theory that we do not have any vehicle to recognise on-field contributions to the club over a prolonged period of time. There are plenty of ways in which off-field / voluntary contributions are celebrated  (Life membership, Vice presidents, etc.) but perhaps we have not done enough to reward those who have represented Bath CC with distinction over a number of years.

How do the awards work?

Each year past and present editors of PinP together with the Cricket Manager and Cricket director will adjudicate on who will receive the awards. The 5 players will comprise those who have made a significant contribution in that season ("Players of the Season") and those who have made a prolonged (approximately 6 years or more) contribution on the field of play for Bath CC ("Hall of Fame"). The 5 cricketers can be made up of any combination of those two categories and there is no relevance in the order (ie. priority order )in which players are chosen.

Why link it with Parade in Print?

What's good enough for the lesser-know publication Wisden is good enough for our club magazine. PinP gives the ideal opportunity to announce the recipients each year and to allow the considered words appropriate to explain each decision made by the awarding committee. It will also help to raise the profile of PinP still further as both the magazine and the awards themselves are going to be made at a prestigious (hopefully) night at North Parade.

At the moment, Hall of fame players will be chosen from the period covered by PinP (since 1993). This is simply because the magazine provides comprehensive analysis of performances which will allow the awarding committee the opportunity to scrutinise their choices sufficiently. Andy Linnett is currently trying to fill the many gaps we have in scorebooks, records, etc. so that, in the fullness of time, we can add players pre-1993.

When are they awarded?

There will be a season review/celebration evening in late November each year at which the 5 Cricketers will be announced and presented, whilst PinP will also be available for the first time on that night. In the absence of an old-style Club Dinner, this will be a chance to bring together the many aspects of Bath CC - HLMs, VPs, staff, Management Committee, captains, commercial and other partners, players, "friends" of the club and previous award winners.

Who are the first winners?

You can read all about them in this year's PinP but they are :

Cricketers of the Year : Thiaan Aspeling and Robin Lett

Hall of Fame : Willie Murrie, Jackie Hawker and Stuart Priscott

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