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Alex Wright in Australia

Alex Wright

So whilst our national team are playing a magnificent festive role as the laughing stock of cricket in Australia I thought it was time to find out how our own Pom was doing Down Under this season. Alex Wright has been with Gordon CC in Sydney since the beginning of the Australian summer and hopefully faring a little better than his slightly more illustrious cricketing compatriots! 


AM: So how's it going mate? What's been happening with your cricket? 


AW: Pretty good, been doing some pub work and then some financial planning stuff after I broke my thumb in the 3rd game of the season, when I had a cast on. Should be back in action in the New Year so looking forward to getting back to it. 


AM: Tough luck, what was it like before the injury?

Alex Wright

AW: I'm playing 3rd grade standard which is very good, equates to 1st / 2nd XI for English leagues. Even down in 5th grade there are guys who could play 2nd team at Bath. My highlight so far was when I was batting 9 for 4th grade in the second game of the season with the scores at 116-7 chasing 280 to win. I went in at 9 and put on a 170 run partnership to win the game ending on 70* and a teammate 95. I also bowled 22 overs 2 for 30 in that game.


AM: Awesome! Well done mate! So have you been taking much stick over the Ashes?


AW: Not much to be said really as I have no reason to argue anymore. Just stay quiet and take whatever's thrown at me!


AM: Probably best - you'll have to get back on the field in January and show them we've got some skills. Have you been to any of the games so far or planning to go when the circus rolls into Sydney?


AW: Hopefully I'm going along to the Sydney test, not sure which day yet but hopefully first 3 days otherwise at this rate we won't make it to the 4th day!!


AM: Hmmmm! So aside from cricket what have you been up to?


AW: Ok, well I'm currently living in an apartment in North Sydney with a Skl friend who is also out here for the summer. I spent Xmas on a Yacht in Manly with my cousin and mates, wasn't too shabby ;) and other highlights have been the Aussie women obviously, magnificent talent floating around!


AM: Shock! Been anywhere else other than Sydney yet?


AW: Best place I've visited so far would have to be the Blue mountains which is about 2 hour drive inland. Amazing views and waterfalls!


AM: Yep, been there - it's pretty incredible. Cheers for the catch up - have a great New Year and I'm sure all at Bath CC wish you the very best for the rest of the season.


AW: Cheers, thanks - happy New Year everyone!


Alex Muse
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