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May 9th 2014

Committee met in attendance;


·       Andrew Linnett -  Chairman

·       Mike Priscott - Treasurer

·       Ian Shrubsole - Director of Cricket

·       Dave Bean - Co-opted member of the committee

·       Louise Thomson - Non playing representative

·       Jeni Dindar - Co-opted member of the committee 

·       Tom Stayt - Playing members rep

·       Akhil Chokra - Finance Director

·       Dave Nelson - Hospitality Manager




The committee welcomed Dave Nelson to the meeting to discuss the past year and his future plans for the hospitality at the club. The committee were able to hear first hand Dave's breakdown of the many and varied hospitaity offerings from small seminars through to full day weddings and how he will work with Dave Bean and Jeni Dindar to maximise the potential of the club.
The committee recognised the hard work Dave and his team have put in over the past 12 months.

Social events

The club will be looking to improve the cricket social scene with regular events starting with the 31st May social event where former player Ross Jenkins will be performing in the evening.


The club continues to attract sponsorship and I will be meeting with a local marketing company next week to see if there are any other opportunities the club can exploit.

Lead Coach

The Cricket Director gave an update on the Lead Coach vacancy explaining that the club did not fill the vacancy but will look again in September at the requirement trying to identify areas which a potential lead coach could be involved in.

Car parking 

The club has introduced a visitor parking scheme for cricket spectators to help identify cars parked during matches this was used last Saturday with good success. We also discussed Rugby spectator parking and will introduce pay and display for all parking during the rugby season and this will be implemented in August for the start of the new rugby season. This will make managing the car park much easier and will end the confusion which sometimes occurs when rugby spectators park and do not enter the clubhouse but assume that parking is free.

Insurance claim

The clubs insurers are still negotiaing a settlement with a member of the public struck by a ball last August. In light of that incident the club have been looking at a safety netting solution for the white wall end of the ground and a planning application has be submitted to BANES some details need to be ironed out before the appropriate solution is implemented. A small section of netting and new signs have been erected as an interim measure.

JR Pavilion

Temporary roof complete

New scorebox

Scorebox delayed due to minor design changes the new date for completion is 31st May

Somerset Game

The club pulled out of the proposed Somerset T20 match due to safety concerns




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