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The Parade in Print 5 Cricketers of the Year 2013

Bath CC is excited to announce a brand new set of awards which will annually reward the outstanding cricketers of the club, both past and present. Each year five cricketers will be chosen in two categories and their names will be announced at a special evening at the club which will coincide with the launch of the Parade in Print for that year. The Bath CC 2013 Evening will take place on Thursday 28th November and invites are to be sent out soon.

The Cricketers of the Year will be chosen by a panel including the present and past editors of Parade in Print, the Cricket Director and the Cricket Manager and the awards will be ratified by the Management Committee of the Club.  Those chosen will have their name entered on a new honours board to be place at North Parade and the simply receive the prestige that goes with the awards, rather than receiving a trophy. 

The five cricketers will be chosen in two categories, can be in any combination and are designed to reward on-the-field performance, rather than voluntary or behind-the-scenes work. The two branches are as follows :

1.Cricketers of the Season

Quite simply, the outstanding cricketers of that season - with regard to the runs, wickets and catches they have made as well as the impact they have had on the teams in which they have played.

2. Hall of Fame

Cricketers who have excelled for Bath CC for a prolonged period - of at least 6 years - within the lifetime of the Parade in Print magazine. The reason for the cut off date in two-fold - firstly the availability of statistics ahead of the production of Parade in print has been sketchy at times, whilst it is also very difficult to compare eras of any sport. It is possible that current players can enter the Hall of Fame but, more likely, they will be players who are no longer active in the first instance. These award winners will not necessarily be chosen in any particular order (either chronological or priority order), but some may/will be chosen each year.


We hope that this will be a set of awards which excites, intrigues and fires the imagination whilst the Bath CC 2013 Evening will be a chance to bring together the players and leaders of the club with some of our commercial partners and supporters.

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