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Vic Ferguson

When my parents moved south to Bath in the early 1950's, one of the first things my father probably did was to find a cricket club.  He found Bath Cricket Club and it remained dear to him for over 60 years, during which time he spent many happy hours as a player, umpire, administrator, contributor to the ground’s upkeep and avid spectator.  

Bath CC was a source of many lasting friendships for Dad and therefore played a central role in his life.  The family can recall golden Saturdays with Dad at the North Parade, afternoons full of laughter, banter and friendship watching a close finish to a game as the sun gently set behind the spire of St John’s Church.

More recently Dad was unable to get down to the ground as often as he would of liked, but he was still wanting to know how the First XI had got on right up until the end!

The funeral will be held at Haycombe Crematorium on Tuesday 7th July at 1pm


Neil Ferguson

Memories of Vic

Vic was indeed a genuine all rounder, as a player and more importantly as a person. His broad knowledge, his wry sense of humour, his perceptive view of the Club (and its personalities!) and his life values set him, in my view, as a special person indeed.


One memory I treasure was really a bit of a censure from him. We were walking round the boundary one early May and I was enthusiastically going on about how wonderful the ground was looking. Below the entrance ramp and beyond the fine leg or extra cover boundary, (depending on ends!), I remarked on the beautiful, distinctively pale green, foliage adorning a pair of mature trees. “But I don’t know the name of the tree, Vic, forgive my ignorance”. He gave me a withering look, “You clearly lacked a proper education, Patrick. It’s a Whitebeam, Sorbus aria.” The schoolmaster in him then came to the fore and he described several of the other species before we repaired to the members bar.

Pat Shervington

Another memory of Vic was in my early days at the club on tour. Vic was captain of the day and when it came to the batting order he nominated the openers, after that he had everybody padded up as he produced a flowchart so that any of the next 9 could be batting next or next next. I remember batting 3 that day as, in the event of a left hander getting out I was to go in (the earliest I had ever batted in my life!). Never seen it before or since.

Chris Styles

Some of my many memories of Vic were at the monthly Committee Meetings.

As a Committee man (including two stints as Chairman) one of his many qualities was to ask the "What if questions".  He would often sit quietly listening to various points on a subject.  Just as everyone seemed happy with a decision, he would join in & play devil's advocate.  He would raise all the possible draw backs & disadvantages of the subject in question that made us all think that the original idea was a non-runner.  After a little silence, he would then often continue & say having thought about the nagatives it's a good idea & would be carried!

Nick Cox


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