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Firstly - apologies for the lack of new picture. I have yet to pass my "uploading new pohotos to the website" course but will add some of the terrific new photos as soon as I know how.

We have glimpsed the future.....and it looks good!

I would like to invite the reader to transport themselves foward in time and it is now nearing the end of the 2016 season. Since 2013 the girls have continued to show the same enthusiasm to learn and improve that they showed during the years before the 2013 season (are you following so far?). They have gained in match experience and been increasingly tested against stronger and stronger opposition. With one notable exception (even Jan has not been able to keep up with them now....2016 that is) the same group of girls that took the field against Minehead on 18th August 2013, could easily be a very strong Wanderers 1st XI  - or at the very least making massive contributions to it. Several of the team that took to the (somewhat bumpy) field have already contributed at higher club and county level already this season - we're back to 2013 now by the way- and as they get closer to their 10,000 hours of purposeful practise, they will surely develop into an excellent group of players. The future's bright - the future's..........well, the team that beat Minehead, plus plenty more besides!

Minehead were, as ever, lovely hosts but - with all due respect and before we get too far ahead of ourselves - they were not the strongest of opponents that the W2s will come up against....but you can only beat what is in front of you and the Bath side mantained high standards throughout. I'm not sure the last time that a mother and daughter opened the batting for the club but the Godman girls started strongly for the visitors, dealing savagely with balls that were too full and/or too short. The two of them had a private race to 50 and it was fun to watch the dynamic between mother and daughter on the occasions that one was keen to run a two and the other not so keen - I will leave you to decide which was which. an first and then Emma shortly afterwards reached 50 runs and retired allowing others to contribute. Gwyn West looked strong before a smart catch was held on the boundary, whereapon Sarah Rawle and izzy imlach increased the tempo of the innings to help the visitors reach 181 at the end of their 35 overs.

Knight and Vowles opened the bowling, the former picking up the first wicket as she moved through the gears. Zoe O-G bowled a very tidy and probing spell and consistently troubled former Bath player Hannah Sparks. Spin is king in the women's game and the variety of Jessamy Edwards leg spin and Charlie Phillips' off spin reminded me of all those years watching Lauren Shrubsole and Kate Randell in tandem.....going in back in time now! both caused the batters trouble and, by the time they were done, three more wickets had tumbled and the heart had been ripped from the home batting. 

Ellie Holdaway was a late replacement - though not a direct one - for the injured emily Robinson, and she must have been glad to have the opportunity to play as she wrapped up the home batting with a quick-fire 4-11. worth also noting for the visitors was a fine fielding display, led by the athletic and ever-energetic Gwyn West, whilst makeshift keeper Emma Godman did a great job behind the stumps and even remembered to come up to those stumps to receive fielders' throws occasionally.

Many thanks - as ever - to Kerry Edwards for her brilliant scoring and also to team photographre for the season (well, day really) Jamie Phillips.....and all the parents for their fantastic support.

At a similar point in 2012, I really wondered where we were going as a club with our Women's cricket. Our 1st XI were still strong but there was a real problem with our 2nd team who were struggling for players and playing in a strong league. We hoped that taking a step back would help us to re-group and then go forward again.....but never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that we would go forward as far and as fast as we have done. there is still a big gap between W2 v Minehead in the Somerest League and the best games that the W1 play but we have a large group of players coming through with the ability to play at that level sooner rather than later. Ability, however, is only part of the equation - the rest is down to sheer hard-work, practise and learning. From what I've seen and from what I know.....roll on 2016!


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