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Bath Wanderers 1st XI in massive unsatisfactory first day win

Most teams would be happy with an opening day of the season, 9 wicket victory but the game at the slightly-less-than-atmospheric Dartford Grammar School was largely an unsatisfactory affair. The scores don't even really do justice to the gulf in ability, experience and - in fact- number of players in each side. I hope any Bexley readers do not find this patronising but they did pretty well to reach 70 and arguably even better to bat for 41 overs. They knew that this was nowhere near enough as the Bath batters balzed to the required total in less than 9 overs whilst a game of "word association" on the bus on the way home proved maginally more competitive than the game that went before it.

Bexley are going to struggle this year I suspect - firstly to get a team on the pitch and then, when they do, to get enough runs and/or wickets to take on the stronger teams in the league. The worry is that there will be more games like this which is harder to take when you have travelled for 3 hours(plus) to get there. Two words of warning, however. (1) 2 years ago we bowled Bexley out for 54 and then lost the return fixture at North Parade! (2) The visitors next week (Wokingham Ridgeway, formerly Reading Ridgeway, and now - we believe- likely to contain a handy new player by the name of Charlotte Edwards) will provide a completely different challenge.....I am glad to say.

Now the positives from the day........

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