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Firstly may I apologise for the disappearance of my match report for the Hursley Park game. Contrary to popular belief, it had not been removed because I had (once again) offended some poor opponents it just disappeared and may be found one day, floating around in cyber-space. I will therefore start this match report by trying to remember and summarise last week's report. For simplicity i shall bullet-point it!

It's a Day of Firsts by the Seaside

There was a time when a trip to Brighton & Hove CC meant a damn good thrashing! Dependent on your point of view, those days appear to be long gone if the evidence of Sunday's game (and the League Table) is anything to go by. No longer do we face Connor, Taylor, Colvin, Marsh, etc. as we did in years gone by and, sadly, the club they have left seems to be slipping out of the not-quite-premier league.

The bare stats say Bath 263-4 and B&H 153 all out but it was noteable game for a nu ber of firsts and, regretably, a warm day at Nevill Road was not one of them. 

FIRST : Sophie Luff hits the first ton of her Bath career - 100 exactly completed off the final ball of the 50th over. Her top-drawer innings also included the first time she had hit the ball 150m as the stunningly fast outfield carried one of her shots down to the sea front itself. Oh, and first time Luffy had captained the side as Jackie Hawker was absent.....for the first time ever!

FIRST : Charlie Phillips made her 1st XI debut, comimg in at very short notice. The young (and recently converted) off-spinner picked up a wicket with her second ball and completed an excellent little spell of 7-1-12-2.

FIRST : Daisy volwes also weighed in with her first 1st team wicket.

FIRST : I don't recall many times 4 stumpings have been taken in an innings but Sophie le Marchand achieved this feat to follow up her fine 60 with the bat.

FIRST : First time this season that Wanderers 1st XI have beaten a side containing 11 (yes, eleven....count them!) players

FIRST : It was not the first time Mr. Trull had umpired our game but it was (I believe) the first time we had played under his very good friend M. French. Both were able to get fully involved in the game with millions of non-wides, plenty of dead-balls, two one-shorts and a half hour spent rumaging around for his previously marked used balls. 

FIRST : IT is just possible that we may currently stand as the first in the league (although it is very hard to tell due to play-cricket not being the correct counter of points as bony=us points are calculated according to some strange ancient ritual that no-one knows, understands or even cares about).

Good job girls - next week Hayes, who may also be first in the league but suffered their first defeat of the season on Sunday!


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