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Pictured is Kate Randall who wasn't playing - did she know something?

What the Fog? 

Bath Wanderers v Brighton match report by Sophie le Marchand

When the opposition captain rocks up in an England shirt, goes and prods the wicket behind the line of the crease and allows her team-mate to mark her run up and bowl pretend balls on the pitch before both teams have even started warming up, you just know it's going to be a slightly ridiculous game. And that's exactly what it was.

It certainly didn't start well for the Westbury family, who accidentally typed 'North Perrott' into the sat-nav, and didn't realise that they were no where near Bath until it was too late! Poshness can buy you a sat-nav, but not common sense it seems!

Bath won the toss and chose to bowl first in the rain, with Moira and Jackie opening up. In a number of bizzare 'what the Fog' moments, one of the Brighton openers decided to play every single ball off the back foot, however full it was, while the other opener was only able to hit the ball on the front foot between cover and mid off.

Despite it being 15 degrees, raining and only 11 overs into the game, the openers, however, thought they deserved a drinks break with the score on just 21. It was a moment Lauren Shrubsole would have been proud of.

Karma got them for their hubris though, because they effectively lost the game for their team in the first 22 overs by only reaching 40 runs. Moira, in particular, bowled beautifully, getting the ball to jag both ways and taking advantage of the variable bounce. Eventually though, the wicket came; Moira bowling a lovely off cutter to beat the defenses of the opener. 'What the Fog' followed soon after, tamely tapping the ball straight back to Moira, allowing her to take a simple catch.

After that the wickets tumbled at a steady pace, but they could have been all out sooner had Moira not dropped the simplest catch of the century at slip. Inexplicably, it went straight into her hands and she proceeded to throw it through her legs to give Brighton a few more runs.

Googie 'the destroyer' Withers claimed three wickets, run outs got another two and the rest were shared around. Perhaps my personal highlight in the game, was Bath bowling approximately 6 maidens on the bounce while the numbers 9 and 10 blocked the crap out of the ball, even when they were massive full tosses. When asked whether they were going to try and score any runs, the response was: "Nah, I think we'll not bother." Great. Eventually, I managed to stump one of them, and because they didn't have 11 players, Brighton were all out for 110.

Bath's innings was a much quicker affair and we reached the total in 16 overs with only two wickets down.

Unfortunately, Luffy and I were unable to continue our good form and we were both out cheaply. However, Elwyn, despite having the flu, stroked the ball around masterfully, much to her clapping parents' delight, and she finished on 64 not out, having been well supported by Issy.

In summary, it was a simple victory for Bath, against hapless opposition. I paid £44 for my train ticket to the game. It was so worth it. 


I'm not sure Sophie thought too highly about the game!

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