Listed here are links to all the winners of the cricket awards at Bath CC

Nationwide Trophy

Awarded to the player or players who have made the greatest contribution throughout the season

Louis Powell Award

Awarded for the best single game contribution

Pete Burkhart Fielding Award

This trophy was donated by Overseas player Pete Burkhart at the end of this third and final season in 1996. Pete was an outstanding fielder and this trophy was awarded to the seasons best fielder

Fastest Fifty

Awarded to the player who faced the least balls whilst scoring his first fifty runs in an innings

Ossie Tasker Memorial Trophy

Named after a former Club Secretary Yorkshireman Ossie Tasker who was a great clubman this is awarded to the person who makes the greatest contribution to the club on or off the field during that season.

Mabel & John Reason Trophy

Best bowling figures of the season donated to the club by Mabel and John Reason who were local butchers who supported the club and would often watch matches after closing the shop for the day

Louise Gwyther Memorial Trophy

Bath Wanderers 2nd XI Player of the Year

The Angel Cup

Bath Wanderers 1st XI Player of the Year

1st XI Players Player of the Year

2nd XI Players Player of the Year

3rd XI Players Player of the Year

4th XI Players Player of the year