BDYCL - 10 May 2021

lost by 8 runs

Venue: away

Girls Spears v Midsomer Norton

250-7 vs 258-7

Following on from a great training session on Friday night, the U11 Spears went up against U11 Midsomer Norton on Monday night. Under the co-captaincy of Hannah G and Flo P, the girls elected to bat first, with the intentions of doubling their score from the previous week. The game commenced with Flo P and Aoife M-P capitalising on opposition misfields and ensuring the Spears remained in the positive numbers. Followed by Gaia S and Beth H who didn’t lose a wicket, and helped to ensure that the run rate remained elevated. The third pair saw Eliza G and Sophia P arrive at the crease, with hard-hitting boundaries. Lastly, Hannah G and Jessica P finished off the game with quick running between the wickets (even running 4!!). Altogether, the girls have shown immense improvement in their batting confidence and running which saw them double their batting total from the week before.

With a positive total in hand, the Spears set out with a strong bowling line-up to defend. With wickets from Beth H, Eliza G, Jess P and Hannah G, and tight fielding the girls were able to keep Midsomer Norton’s run rate down. Further helped by Winnie S who took on the role of wicketkeeper for the first time. Unfortunately, with some strong shots, Midsomer Norton secured the win in the last over. However, the improvement that the girls have demonstrated since their first game was evident, and should all be very impressed with themselves.

Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to the girls from the Sabre’s for joining us for our game, they showed great maturity, and were great role models for the Spears. As always, thank you to the parents and guardians for your continued support.

Coaches Player(s): Aoife M-P and Winnie S