BDYCL - 26 April 2021

Won by 8 wkts

Venue: Away

Lansdown v Arrows

Won Arrows kicked off the season to a great start with their first win over Lansdown. Arrows won the toss and chose to insert the hosts. 

Opening bowlers wilf and ethan both put good pressure on the opening batsmen keeping the run rate down. Alfie broke the partnership taking the first wicket of the game. Throughout the innings all Arrow bowlers, bowled extremely well keeping a tidy line and not allowing any free hit for the batters. Special mention for bowling goes to Sam P for bowling 3 overs for 12 runs and 1 wicket and Jonty H for bowling an incredible 3 overs 2 wickets for only 4 runs off the bat. 

Onto the 2nd innings the opening batsmen for the Arrows (alby and jack) took no time getting themselves in with several boundaries in the opening overs. Alby was dismissed in the 3rd over for 8 off 10 balls. With Joe coming in at 3, him and Jack dominated the bowlers hitting consistent boundaries and turning good balls in singles. Joe even managed to score a 6 over square leg!! Jack was dismissed with 1 run to win almost seeing the team over the line with a vital 22 off 30.  Special mention to Jack for his very mature innings and to Joe who finished the innings with 23 off 17 balls!! 

Arrows 81-2     lansdown 78-5

Arrows win by 8 wickets roll on next week