BDYCL - 17 May 2021

Lost by 50 runs

Venue: North Parade

Sabres vs Arrows

Sabres vs Arrows

Rosa won the toss and decided to field first. 
It was clear from the beginning that the boys were strong. Their running between the wickets put pressure on our bowlers early and set the tone for the rest of the game. 

The girls bowled well, with good spells from bowlers such as Beth, Catherine, Emily W. The last pair of bowlers Ava O and Rosa did a really good job at trying to keep the pressure on the batters, losing some late wickets- meaning less runs were scored then. Emily F-A did a stand up job of keeping this week too, 

However, with the extras, the ability to test the fielders and easy singles the boys ended up on a very strong score.

Ava and Emily F-A opened the batting. It was off to a good start with two 4s from the first two balls, alas it did not last. The stumping of Emily F-A was shortly followed by the loss of Ava’s wicket too.

After that, it was difficult to keep a strong partnership going. With wickets falling left right and centre. Unfortunately a low scoring innings for us meant the girls fell short of 50. 
Having said that the running between the wickets have vastly improved and each girl individually was very good at that. Something we have been working on. 

Lots to work on and practice for the next game. But good things to learn from and always good to be out there playing cricket after the weather we’ve had.