BDYCL - 14 June 2021

lost by 50 runs

Venue: Brownsword

U11 Spears vs Purnell Panthers

Spears 231-11 vs Panthers 281-3

The Spears challenged Purnell Panthers this week, still fighting for their first win of the season. Under the captaincy of Flo P, the Spears won the toss and elected to bat first. Niamh Mc and Isobel P ensured the Spears were off to a flying start with their quick running and rotation of strike. Although the Spears struggled to score runs off the bat, their smart running between the wickets kept them in the game; with all girls demonstrating their ability to sneak quick singles and apply pressure to their opposition fielding. Despite this, Purnell’s straight bowling saw the Spears struggle to hit out, and consequently lose 11 wickets, concluding their innings 231-11.

With a positive total in hand, the Spears set out with a strong bowling line-up to defend. Wickets from Isobel P, Cassie M and Clara S helped to keep the game competitive. Unfortunately, the Spears total was not quite enough and with some strong shots, Purnell secured the win, finishing 281-3. Albeit, each week the girls demonstrate improved knowledge and ability of cricket, and should all be very impressed with themselves.

Player of the match: Cassie M – for her positivity and encouragement throughout the game.