BDYCL - 24 June 2021

won by 4 wickets

Venue: Away

U13 Scimitars v Corsham

Corsham 101-6, Bath Scimitars 106-6 (18 overs) - Bath Scimitars won by 4 wickets

The Scimitars were very good all round this week which payed off as they beat Corsham by 4 wickets.

Corsham won the toss and decided bat. The Scimitars started very well with overs from I Cooper (4 overs 1-24) and N Leberman with amazing figures of 3 overs 1-5, including his first over being a wicket maiden! The Scimitars showed good willing in the field chasing down balls on long boundaries to stop fours being hit, and putting their body’s in front of the ball to stop the ball going past them. Corsham started to pick up some runs with some boundaries but then J Gearing came on, with some more amazing figures of 3 overs 4-14 including two chances to get a hat trick, and slowed the game back down. Corsham finished their 20 overs on 101-6.

There were a few stand out performances in the Scimitars batting innings as well. Opener F Stappard used the pace of the ball well and hit the ball hard when needed to get himself to a very good 30 runs, this started the Scimitars on the right foot to be confident with their batting. Corsham had some very good bowling but the Scimitars played them well. After Stappard got out, S Tisdale (22) kept the runs coming strong, and hitting a massive 6 over the longest boundary on the pitch. Unfortunately Tisdale got out shortly after, but in came A Moss, only needing around two or three an over he just had to push it around for singles, but he decided to get the game done and after hitting 2 fours the game was finished after 18 overs.

A strong performance for the Scimitars abs a game to be proud of.