BDYCL - 9 June 2021

lost by 79 runs

Venue: Away

U13 Scimitars v Hinton Charterhouse CC

Hinton Charterhouse 143-5 (20) v Scimitars 64 a.o. (13) 

It was a night to forget for the Scimitars unfortunately, as they came up against a very strong Hinton team. Hinton won the toss and elected to bat first.

The scimitars had to improvise from early on as they did not have a keeper. Stepping up to the plate though was R Goodman and J Tomlinson doing two very good 10 over stints. The scimitars were put under pressure in the field as Hinton were running between the wickets very well, which lead unfortunately to a couple of miss fields and overthrows. Apart from that though I couldn’t fault how the Scimitars bowled and fielded against an experienced batting line up. The Scimitars 5 wickets came from three bowlers, I Cooper (3 overs 1-19), C Kenny-Taylor (2 overs 1-14), and R Goodman (3 overs 3-14) bowling fantastically yet again.

Unfortunately the Scimitars batting scorecard isn’t one that many will want to be looking back on. Their top scorer off of the bat S Tisdale (12) hit a fantastic 6 and looked good until he got a really good Yorker that he couldn’t do much about.

It’s important for the Scimitars to keep their heads up and hopefully get a result next week as they know they can!