BDYCL - 28 June 2021

Lost by 7 wickets


U13 Scimitars v U13 Axes

Bath Scimitars 77-8, Bath Axes 78-3 (10.2 overs) - Bath Axes won by 7 wickets


The scimitars set a respectable total of 77-8 against a strong bowling attack from the Axes, B Sefton-Moore high scored opening the batting, hitting 15. A few more lads hit some nice shots but unfortunately no one got in well enough to set the scoreboard alight.

The Scimitars didn’t do much wrong when they were bowling and fielding, putting the ball in the right places and getting there body in the way of it when the ball was coming towards them. But no matter what they did Axes player F Stappard looked very comfortable, hitting 41 off of 30 balls which set the Axes up for a victory. The Scimitars had some stand out moments: N Leberman getting a wicket and only going for 10 runs in 2 overs, W Winterflood bowling 2 overs only going for 8 runs and S Tisdale getting a wicket and only going for 5 runs in 1.2 overs. But unfortunately wasn’t enough. Next week the Scimitars face Winsley and hope to get back to winning ways.