Junior Cricket protocol

Drop off and Pick up

  • Car Parking will be held in our main car park for 2020 and will be manned and monitored by a member of staff
  • Families will have a 15-minute window (prior to the session start time) to arrive at North Parade and will have Bubble designated parking bays
  • Parents will be asked to only allow the player registered for their specific time slot to step into the car park*
  • Players will be called into the ground in Bubbles (numbered) from our register whilst maintaining social distancing*
  • At the end of the 60 minute session players will be brought over to the exit point and released one bubble at a time (numbered) from our register whilst maintaining social distancing
  • Families will have a 15-minute window to depart North Parade from colour designated parking bays
  • We politely request that you do this safely and swiftly


  • Players will have their temperature taken (Infrared Thermometer) before entering the ground and must be within the ‘Normal’ range
    Players/Parents registering a ‘High’ temperature (37.8 C (100.04 F) degrees or above) will be asked to return to their home and follow the NHS guidelines.
  • Players will wash hands with disinfectant wash/alcohol based gel on entering the playing area
  • Batters must make sure that bags are zipped shut after padding up and before they can return to bowling
  • Players will not be allowed to bring non-essential equipment or belongings to the cricket pitch including mobile phones
  • Players must bring their own cricket equipment for batting and bowl with their own ball
  • Sharing of equipment and cricket balls is prohibited
  • Players are not allowed to use saliva to shine cricket balls
  • Players will be discouraged from touching their faces
  • If a player needs the toilet they will be able to access the Disabled toilet in the main entrance. This is only available to players
  • Players will wash hands with alcohol gel when exiting the playing area

Session Specific

  • Each session has a specific time and will last for 60 minutes
  • Players will be sorted into Bubbles of 5 with 1 coach prior to the 10 week programme and will remain there for the duration (where possible the coach will stay with a bubble for 10 weeks except for illness and/or annual leave)
  • Sessions will be limited to 5 Bubbles to ensure sufficient space to maintain social distancing of 2m or more
  • Each Bubble will have its own net lane (at least 5 metres from another bubble) and will keep this lane for the 10 weeks
  • Net lanes will have ground markings (cones) that maintain a minimum distance of 2m when waiting to bowl and designated areas for kit bags
  • During the 30 minute changeover coaches will wipe down net lanes, coaching equipment, etc


  • Once your child has been dropped off for training and allowed into the playing area it is preferred that you vacate the club premises promptly, returning in time for the finish for pick up
  • If it is impractical or inconvenient for you to ‘drop and go’ there will be space outside of the playing boundary for one parent/adult to stay and watch whilst adhering to social distancing guides
  • Unfortunately we will not be able to host additional children in this area and ask that it remains a child free zone to ensure the physical and mental well being of all members
  • There will not be toilet facilities available for non-players
  • There will not be a hospitality offering


  • If there is doubt over the weather we will endeavour to communicate via our website and social media channels if an evening of coaching will be cancelled by 2.30pm

First Aid

  • In the event of a first aid incident we have a designated coach who will attend to the player. Our First Aid kit will ensure that the coach will be wearing disposable gloves and face mask and PPE visor.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice

Please do not attend under any circumstances if you or any family member have a new persistent cough, high temperature or have a loss/change in your normal sense of smell or taste

For more information and guidance on coronavirus, please visit http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

* Health and Safety decisions have been made through consultation with health professionals, parents, team discussion and our risk assessment specialist.

We ask that all families respect the guidelines that Bath CC has implemented and the guidance of the coaching team at all times. These have been created for the safety and wellbeing of all, allowing for a safe environment for every member to train, play and enjoy.