Aidan Cahill Q&A

21 April 2024

How did you start playing cricket?

Like everyone who has siblings when growing up, I started kicking a soccer ball and playing cricket in the backyard with my older brother when we lived in South Africa.


Who influenced you most?

I’ve had lots of coaches over the years. Once we got to Newcastle in Australia, we had a coach called Shane Burley who coached the men’s team and the whole squad. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with him the last four-five years. He’s been very good to me.


Why do you play?

For the enjoyment, and it’s good fun when you’ve got good mates you play with, and if you don’t know them, you make new mates. This is what makes it an enjoyable experience.


Best performance?

The second Under 21s game I played in Sydney (first game of the season) we played a T20 match and I opened the batting and got 115 off 52 balls. That’s probably up there seeing as I haven’t beaten that score since.


Most memorable moment?

Playing the first game of the 2022 19s World Cup against the West Indies in Guyana and walking out onto the field to sing the anthem.


Funniest moment?

Probably hitting a six straight into and smashing a car windscreen on the boundary that belonged to the other team.


Favourite cricketer?

It has to be Jacques Kallis, partly because of the South African connection, but I think he’s the best ever player.


Your favourite motto/saying?

We used to talk about this a lot with one of our teams...


“When everyone is screaming and begging for their lives, look for the calmest man in the room, he is about to do what he has been training for.”


Favourite drink?

Strawberry Milkshake.


Foods to avoid?


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