Arthur Chapman

29 October 2022

Dear Members

I am sorry to announce the death of one of our foremost colleagues, Honary Life Member Arthur Chapman. I am not sure when he first joined the Club and I doubt if any current member does either, but it must have been over 50 years ago. He loved his cricket and took it upon himself the task many of us would duck (me included), that of treasurer, then as the Club expanded, Finance Director. He was a quiet man, but when he spoke... you listened! He was always ready though to lend a hand and even in his eighties some of us will recall him keeping the new score board ticking over to update the crowd. He had a remarkable facility with numbers and when scoring for the 2nd XI I could rely on him to check my accuracy. Thank goodness!

One would think that volunteering for this task, he would be an accountant or banker, but in fact he was a Quantity Surveyor. He took a great interest in the development of the car park. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to fulfil my promise to show him around the completed project. He was also a Rotarian for many years and President of Bath Rotary in 1984. He was one of life's great givers, much loved, wise and respected – a true gentleman. He will be greatly missed.

His funeral will be held on Friday 18th November at 11.30 am at Haycombe. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Thank you

David Hilton


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