Bath Cricket Club partner with King Edwards School

5 July 2021

Bath Cricket Club are delighted and excited to announce a formal partnership with King Edward’s School in Bath.  Bath Cricket Club and KES have, for a long time, enjoyed sharing and developing young cricketers and coaches in the Bath area.  We share the same ambition of Growth and Sustainability being integral to the development of cricket in Bath and across the Southwest and recognise their importance for young Girls, Boys, and those with disabilities in equal measure.  Together Bath Cricket Club and KES are better equipped from a facility and a resource perspective to ensure this growth and sustainability is successful. 


Collectively we are fortunate enough to have some of the best facilities and coaches available and this will only improve with the development of Bath Cricket Club's new indoor cricket school.  It is a priority to both parties that we engage with the local community as best we can and give as many young people as possible the opportunity to experience cricket and grow through a healthy lifestyle.  Inclusivity is at the heart of this partnership, and I really look forward to seeing the value of our combined efforts not only at Bath Cricket Club and KES but in all the local primary schools and local cricket clubs in the area.


I want to take this opportunity to thank the Headmaster, Martin Boden, and his team at KES; David Chapman, Assistant Head, David Hacker, Director of Sport and Gregg Brown, Head of Cricket, for their appetite to innovate and make a difference.  Watch this space!