Cricket camp at Brownsword Ground BA1 9BH

23 August 2021

You will have noticed on the registration page that the first three days are off-site from our main ground on North Parade Bridge road.

We will be hosting the camp up at our second ground (Brownsword Ground, Lansdown Road, Bath BA1 9BH

(Near Beckford Tower)) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

We would recommend that you give yourself a bit of extra time to travel to us at the top of the hill and also remind you that because its early in the day you will be able to

use the bus gate through the centre of town.

NB don’t use the bus gate between 10am and 6pm to avoid a fine


When dropping off and picking up please drive carefully through the gate (we will put out ECB All Stars and Dynamos flags to help you find us) and park by the wall as directed

by the cricket coaches.