Development update - 19th Jan

19 January 2021


Work is continuing well through this lockdown and good progress is being made.  All the foundations have been completed as has the drainage for the new building.  The Steel Frame will start to arrive from Monday the 25th of January and large changes will be seen from this point as the steel frame starts to go up and the development takes shape above ground.  


Preparation has been done on the Ferry Lane side of the clubhouse with the fence and the wall being removed ready for the groundwork to take place for the new substation.  This work will also start from the 25th of January.  We have improved temporary disabled access to the clubhouse in preparation for when we can open again, this is an interim measure for the duration of the build.


With regards to ground restoration on the outfield, the damaged area is drying under cover nicely and we anticipate that more than 50% of it will be re-turfed in the next few weeks assuming we can get a break from the rain.  The area immediately in front of the clubhouse does need to dry and rest for a period longer but plans are in place for this to be re turfed when dry enough.


Andy Owen