Development update - 3rd December

3 December 2020

Hello from the Cricket Club or should I say from the home office.

We have as a team been continuing to work to varying degrees remotely from home and the cricket club. This is to ensure that we stay as safe as we can and protect those more vulnerable than ourselves. I have popped into the Club on a weekly basis and the work on the car park development however is continuing with real momentum.

The drainage trench that was dug on the outfield at North Parade has been back filled and the ground staff and Director of Cricket have done a fantastic job in covering the area in preparation for its restoration. We will have before Christmas some preparation and levelling work done on this area ready for turfing in the new year, we are confident that this will be back the standard we all expect and enjoy for next season.

With regards to the development itself, piling is now complete, hoarding works around the site is ongoing, foundations are now approximately 40% complete and drainage works are now underway to the building.

The next progress meeting between the developer Gilltown and the construction team Rydon will be taking place at the Cricket club on the 21st of December and I look forward to bringing you some real progress news then.

I hope you and your families are all keeping well and safe and that you can all look forward to a Christmas break with loved ones. As always if you wish to chat about anything to do with the club or the project please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Andy Owen