Umpire training courses

13 May 2020

Clubs were informed at the WEPL AGM back in January, 2020 that we face a critical issue with regard to umpires going forward as the largest number of the umpires are in the 60 – 75 years age group. We have held meetings with the Umpires Associations and the feeder Leagues and we have agreed that clubs have to help out by providing candidates to take part in the training, Before we could make an official announcement the Covid 19 issue raised its head and we decided to hold back as clubs had enough on their plates without us adding to it.

However, we are encouraged to hear there has been a large take up in the number of people taking the ‘On Line Training’ being provided by the ECB.

Can I appeal to all the clubs in the WEPL to encourage members to take part in the Training during these lock down days. I list a number of courses that can be taken and I would ask clubs to confirm who has taken these courses.

Check the ECB site and look for :-

Basics of Umpiring (for the occasional overs umpiring).
Umpiring Stage One. (The course we recommend clubs get members to take.)
Basic scoring. (An opportunity to get more scorers involved / trained. Remember all the age groups also.)
Level 1 Cricket Grounds Maintenance Course. There is a cost of £25. WEPL will refund this cost on successful passing of the training.)