Umpires needed

11 January 2022

Umpires needed

As part of the WEPL initative the club are seeking volunteers to become umpires. The club will recieve 1pt for every match where our umpires stand up to 18pts in the season - equivalent to a league win.

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Background to why the scheme is required

Within WEPL, each of the 7 divisions comprises 10 teams, equating to 90 matches each season requiring two independent umpires. The total umpires required to provide two independent umpires to each match are 70 each week meaning a total of 1,260 appointments each year.

To extend independent umpires into the top four divisions of the WEPL feeder leagues would require another 160 umpires each week or 2,880 appointments each season.

Research carried out by the ECB has shown that players’ enjoyment and participation is significantly enhanced when there are independently appointed neutral umpires.

The number of umpires has been in decline for some time. The ageing profile of those umpiring suggests there will be a greater shortage in years to come, as recruitment of new officials is at an all-time low. Nationally approximately 20% of standing umpires retire every year.

Without a recruitment campaign it’s realistic that within 5 years only the top 3 divisions (Premier One, Premier Two Bristol/Somerset and Premier Two Glos/Wilts) in WEPL will regularly have two appointed independent umpires.

Scheme details

Each team in WEPL is being asked to nominate at least one, and up to three candidates to train to become an umpire.

Each team will receive 1 bonus point (up to 18 points over the whole season) for every time one of their nominated umpires is appointed.

Newly trained umpires will start in the feeder leagues and be given further training and development opportunities to progress up the ladder.


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For more information, please contact your local Association of Cricket Officials

WEPL - Les Clemenson

Gloucestershire Association of Cricket Officials (GACO) – contact Clive Poulton

Somerset Association of Cricket Officials (SACO) – contact Bernard Critchley

Wiltshire Association of Cricket Officials (WACO) – contact Tony Horn

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