We know that Cricket can present many different issues for players and parents alike when it comes to starting your cricketing journey, which conjures up some questions that need answering before macth day or when attending training early in the season.

Hopefully we can provide many of the answers on this page and it can be used a reference tool for the future until we find our rhythm and place within Bath Cricket Club

Car Parking, Drop off and Pick up

Our main car park is back and fully operational and has multiple options to pay for your time in staying at Bath CC (managed by Horizon Parking) when not part of a match day team. 

For families dropping off for practice, the car park monitoring system is set up to allow for a 15 minute window before payment has to be paid (if you can stick to 10 minutes it will take away any doubt or anxiety). For junior parents who would like to stay at the club during Summer practice and sample the food and drink on offer from The Boundary  please update the parking form and in inform the staff to input your registration details.

For our home teams on match day we have a free of charge option for one car per family (of the playing 11) via Ferry Lane with parking spaces on the paved area in front of the Indoor Cricket Centrel and tarmac area by the clubhouse. 

Additonal cars can be accomodated within the main car park but will have to be paid for. 

What Kit do i need when i join a cricket club?

Bath Cricket Club do not provide batting equipment for players therefore families will have to source their own kit either through local retailers, online specialists or through sites such as Facebook Market Place or eBay

By law all players a required to wear a batting helmet when facing a hard ball in matches or practice in nets. Wicket Keepers also have to wear a helmet when standing up to the stumps.
Another essential piece of equipment for boys when batting or wicket keeping is a protective box which safeguards against impacts from a hard ball in a males sensitive area (Downstairs or 'Caught a Midships' if you listen to TMS)
Batting Pads (leg guards) allow players to stay close to the ball and protect the shins to just above the knee.
Batting Gloves protect the hand from uneven bounce or short pitched bowling with extra protection on the thumb of the bottom hand (right thumb for right handed batters)

Bat. Our tool of the trade comes in many shapes, sizes and costs. It is fair to say that more often than not you get what you pay for in materials but please stick to what you have in your budget.
By design they are made out of a specifc type of soft wood (Willow - Salix alba var. Caerulea) for its quality that allows balls to rebound with energy but due to impact speeds will become damaged over time or young players will grow too big to use them.

Tips for purchasing bats
- The top of the bat handle should reach hip height when its stood upright next to a player
- Make sure it is not too heavy. A good test is, can you hold the bat at the end of the handle at shoulder height for close to 30 seconds? No...its too heavy.
Its better for young players to have a light bat to allow them to have more control and have fast hands through shots

Do players have to wear Whites for matches?
It is prefered that all players wear white cricket trousers. We recognise that this adds to the cost of paritcipating but as with other pieces of equipment if you are able to look around online then discounted products can be found.

Do players have to wear Spikes?
These are a 'Nice to have' item of kit. When playing in the evening on dewy or potentially wet outfields they afford players the ability to stay balanced and agile. Even on dry ground it is hard not to slip on the outfield or when batting or bowling.

What else does my child need to bring for training and matches?
As with all sport played in the summer months players need to bring a drinks bottle, a snack and to protect from the sun a hat/cap and sun screen

When do i need to drop players off for matches?
Most side will be asked to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start i.e., meet at 5.30pm for a 6pm start.
This allows coaches to warm players up physically and technically and will also give them time to announce the batting order, who will be bowling as well as instructing the team of tactical objectives for the fixture.

How long do games last?
With matches starting at 6pm we would hope that matches would move swiftly and the aim would be to finish 20 overs by 8.30pm and Pairs games by 8.00pm. But as with any activity played outdoors also involving children this can vary.

Can i leave my child at games?
We would however recommend watching from 7.30pm to catch the end of the game and make sure that everyone can leave on time.

When and how will i know if my child has a game of cricket to play?
All junior members are asked to complete an online availabilty request on Spond for their specific sqaud (and sometimes additonal squads).
The lead coaches and/or manager of each squad will then use this to pick a side.
The whole squad will be through Spond no less than 5 days before the fixture.
If there aren't enough to make a full team then those that are available will be announced as selected and the coach/manager will continue to try and fill spaces until a full team has been reached.

Team selection
Bath Cricket Club aims to be fully inclusive and promote participation across all age groups, genders and abilties.
Within the Junior section league fixtures squads will be rotated week on week. Players will also be able to experience different roles within a side from batting in the top of the order to possibly playing as lower order batter but will have bigger responsibilities with the ball.
Cup fixtures are when squads will select the best possible side with the purpose of winning the tournament.

Use of Spond Messaging and Posts
The instant messaging function allows coaches and managers to communicate selection of squads and any changes to team news or cancellation of matches and training swiftly and effectively.
Please keep responses clear and concise.
The groups are not available to express opinions or views on selection, players roles or lack thereof.
If at any time parents or players need clarification on selection or playing experience please contact your lead coach by phone call or Jonathan Green, Head of Junior cricket directly on 07852706254.

What happens if my side has a game on training night?
Training will still go ahead starting at 6.30pm lead by other members of the coaching staff and ready to pick up prompt at 8pm

Exam period and Revision
As a junior section we fully appreciate that the desire to excel academically is strong and we encouarge all efforts to maximise players potential on and off the pitch.
However reports have recently been released by the HMC showing that playing sport is beneficial to pupils even in the run up to their exams