Walking Cricket 2024


Walking Cricket is the sport you love, just played at a slower pace – so it’s perfect for people who are older, or less physically able, but who still want to enjoy the thrill of the game. The game can be played as teams or in pairs. Everything is walking, including the ‘runs’ and fielding, and a match lasts about an hour. A soft ball is also used. Whether you’re batting, bowling, or fielding, it’s a great form of cardio exercise. Plus it improves both agility and hand-eye coordination. Ideal for a group of friends to get together, as Walking Cricket is a very social sport, filled with team spirit and fun. 

The clubhouse will be open for tea and coffee after up until 4:30pm!


We want each Walking Cricket session to be SAF

SOCIAL-together/team working/friends 

ACTIVE - walking/moving/talking 

FUN - people enjoying/smiling/laughing 

Everyone – participates safely  




If you are new to the session, please ensure that you ask the Walking Cricket leader for a registration form.  This will ensure leaders have emergency contact details. 


If you want to join a walking cricket group and have pre existing medical conditions that may be exacerbated by walking cricket, you must discuss this with your GP to ensure you are safe to play  


Do not overexert yourself.  Take regular breaks if needed.   


The actions of batting and bowling can cause some players to become unsteady on their feet.  Please be mindful of this and carry out these activities in a manner that will reduce the risk of you losing your balance.   


Bring a drink with you to keep hydrated.  


Dates: 1st + 8th  February

Location: Bath Cricket Club, North Parade Bridge Road, BA2 4EX


Video for walking cricket here


For all other enquiries contact Mark.Watts@bathcricket.com or call 01225 425935


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