Community coaching at Threeways School

8 March 2022

Cricket coach with pupils playing table cricket













Hear from Mark Watts our new community coach as he gives us an overview of his work at Threeways school in Bath.

"At Threeways school we have been playing and learning about Table Cricket. Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table and specially designed to give young people with a disability the chance to play and compete in the sport we all love.

This term we have looked at the rules and how to play a proper game. Each week we have developed our understanding of table cricket by looking at what tactics we can use in a game and how we can score it.

Also through out the term we have worked with the staff doing CPD on table cricket by improving their understanding of thr game with either the set up of the pitch or being able to run a game with correct umpire signals and how to score.

Next term we will be putting our practise to work by entering a table cricket tournament at mendip school."

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