Return to Cricket 2020 - Juniors

8 July 2020

Better late than never our junior cricketers were able to get back out on the pitch at North Parade 12 weeks later than originally planned. Two weeks of nail biting, brain wracking and consultation with governing bodies, health specialists and trusted parents allowed for responsible and safe practice on and off the pitch.

Understandably the cricket has been mixed with 4 metre high beamers, plenty of wide balls and triple bouncers. Its not just the bowlers that have struggled initially as the batters have also had varying success with stumps having to be put back in the ground with regularity and balls chipped only 5 metres from the mightiest swings of the bat! It won't take long to get our skills back and we have some new toys arriving to help every 'Bubble' out in the coming weeks.

We are aware that three months is a long time for junior players and many have returned sporting what can only be described as mid 1980's football shorts and Rafa Nadal's early career Pirate style 3/4 length trousers! For those looking for a quick and cost effective solution (£10 per Youth item) we have Under Armour training and playing kit still in stock held at the club. A full list of what and how to order can be found here

Finally we'd like to say a huge thank you to all of the families that have absorbed and followed the protocols that we've created (click here for a reminder) and the patience required to make checks before entering the playing area. Its made the early experiences much smoother than we predicted and hopefully it will become second nature in a week or two. We've had some amazing feedback from families and will promise to keep the hard work up

"Having just left the club at 17:30 i must let you know the slickness of the junior operation put together by JG, RM and their team was outstanding. A first class product to the children and incredibly well thought through from a Health and Safety perspective. Please fee free to congratulate them, a fantastic first day which will only improve upon review"