12 July 2021

As cricketers and supporters on the boundary we hopefully spend a good amount of time sat basking in the light of the summer sun. It's therefore important that we learn to respect the effects that its rays can have on our skin. The article below has been created by LifeJacket to equip you with the knowledge and tools to protect you, as well as those you love.
Their products are created to slip into your kitbags and formulated to prevent damage.  

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The importance of skin protection

The boom in people wanting to #TakeLifeOutside isn’t being matched by an increase

in men protecting their skin from everyday harmful UV rays. Let's change that. Now.

The increase in the number of people who want to be outside, playing sport and being active

hasn’t been met by the growing number of people - especially men - protecting their skin

while outdoors. If anything, the situation is getting worse.

UK men are almost twice as likely to die of skin cancer than women. Skin cancer cases have

exploded over the past 20 years and they are forecast to double over the next 20. It’s down

to the simple fact that not enough people - men in particular - check their skin or protect it

when outside – and if they do, they don’t do it year-round.

Only half of UK men (51%) consider using skin protection when it’s sunny, ignoring the

majority of the year when their skin is still being damaged, even when it’s overcast.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are responsible for 80% of the damage to your skin all year-round.

Skin damage includes everything from premature ageing, wrinkles, age spots and sensitivity,

all the way to skin cancer. 90% of melanomas are caused by excessive sun exposure.

That’s why three friends who love being outside have designed LifeJacket Skin Protection; a

product range specifically for active men who want high-performance skin care.

LifeJacket’s skincare range is lightweight, water-resistant, reef-safe, cruelty free and

non-greasy - all without compromising on safety, protection and performance. The products

were designed by a team of experts and clinically and dermatologically tested in UK labs for

a three-year period before being launched. Manufactured in the UK using state-of-the-art

ingredient technology, the skincare products include daily moisturisers, a mineral stick for

face and lips and two SPF Sun Gels, as well as convenient sachet packs. LifeJacket takes

holistic skin protection seriously and also offers a range of high-quality UPF 50+ clothing to

combat the fact that a white cotton t-shirt only offers the sunscreen equivalent of SPF 5.

LifeJacket co-founder Jono Sumner says: “Like everyone else, I thought I was invincible until

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 34. It was a real wake-up call. It made me

think how I could help other men protect themselves from one of the most preventable

cancers. Between the three of us, we deployed our different skills and passion for the

outside to create LifeJacket and make some amazing products.

“You invest in your skis or board, now it’s time to invest in your skin health. And just like your

gear, LifeJacket is engineered to perform. It should be a kit bag essential.

“We're here to equip men with the tools and knowledge so that when they're doing what they

love, they're making smart decisions that preserve their looks and skin health. We want to

make it as easy as possible for men to protect themselves and eliminate the usual excuses,

so we developed a range from a simple, daily SPF moisturiser for everyday use, to

high-performance skin protection for extended use on land and in water. ”

Jono says: “At LifeJacket we feel that men have been left behind in the skin protection

market. All advertising and media articles feature female, bikini-clad bodies or happy kids in

the sun. Men aren’t included or spoken to. Nor do they have high protection SPF everyday

moisturisers. Over 70% of men are put off from using sun protection as it’s too greasy,

heavy, perfumed or aimed at women. We want to change this with a high performing range

designed and targeted specifically to men.”

LifeJacket’s Daily Protection Moisturiser with 30 SPF protection is designed for

everyday use, filtering out damaging rays year-round.

LifeJacket’s SPF 50+ Mineral Stick offers excellent robust protection for the face and

lips, ideal for durable and tough defence against UV.

LifeJacket’s high-performance Sun Gels in SPF 30 and 50+ are lightweight,

non-greasy, cruelty free, reef safe and water resistant to stand up to the demands of

sports and endurance.

LifeJacket also offers a range of UPF 50+ clothing, with t-shirts, long-sleeve tops and

hats with UPF 50+ (the average protection from a normal white cotton tee is just UPF

5, the equivalent of SPF 5). The clothing is made using lightweight, technical fabrics

designed for men to wear outside.


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In 2020 LifeJacket conducted original research with over 5400 men and women to

understand why male skin cancer figures are so shockingly high. The research


Women are over twice as likely as men to think about UV protection all year round, every


70% of men avoid using sun protection because they find existing products on the market

too greasy, thick, heavy, fragranced or aimed at women

90% of men use a moisturiser daily or on occasion BUT only 3% use an SPF moisturiser

every day

93% of women surveyed worry about men in their life when it comes to skin protection

89% of men said they would be more inclined to use sun protection products made for them


To help increase knowledge and awareness, LifeJacket Skin Protection and its scientific

panel has collated some practical facts and tips for men in a bid to get them to take skin

protection more seriously.

● While five or more sunburns in your lifetime doubles your risk of skin

cancer, it’s never too late to start protecting and caring for your skin.

● It’s not just a summer thing… regular sun protection even when it’s not sunny

reduces the risk of melanoma by up to 73%. Use a high SPF moisturiser every


● Water, wheels and snow lovers… Through winter, spring, autumn and summer,

UV rays hit the earth’s surface. Over 90% of UV rays pass through clouds. They

reflect off pavement, water, snow and sand so you’re hit with a double dose.

● The best form of defence is… to seek shade, wear a hat, sunglasses and

clothing or use sunscreen.

● It’s not about temperature… the level of UV outside causes skin damage – not

the temperature. Check the daily UV Index on your weather app.

● When using sunscreen… remember this rule of thumb: one teaspoon of

sunscreen per body part (head, arm, leg, neck, chest, back).

● And don’t miss these common spots… scalp, bald spot, eyelids, upper lip, back

of the neck, head and shoulders and the top of the feet.

● Be extra vigilant here… 80% of skin cancers in men are from the waist up.

● Not all clothing is created equal... a standard white cotton t-shirt is the

equivalent of SPF 5 – so UV rays will still damage your skin.

● Careful inside too… UVA rays penetrate smooth, ordinary glass…so wear

protection if you’re working by a window.

● Check, mate… check your skin monthly, focus on new or changing legions. If you

see something that worries you, don’t ignore it. Visit your local GP.


Thanks for taking the time to educate yourself and others about safety in the sun. Click here for free samples, digital guide and discount codes

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